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News for pip

hg tip

* Fixed uninstallation on Windows
* Added ``pip search`` command.
* When using the ``$PIP_LOG_FILE`` option, pip now logs to a central location
  by default and constantly overwrites the file. On Unix and Mac OS X this is
  ``'$HOME/.pip/pip.log'`` and on Windows it's ``'%HOME%\\pip\\pip.log'``.
  Use the separate ``'--log'`` command line option for a complete (appended)
* Fixed an issue with Git that left a editable packge as a checkout of a
  remote branch, even if the default behaviour would be fine.
* Fixed installing from a Git tag with older versions of Git.
* Expand "~" in logfile and download cache paths.
* Speed up for installating from Mercurial repositories.
* Fixed installing directly from directories (e.g.
  ``pip install path/to/dir/``).
* Fixed installation of editable packages with ``svn+ssh`` URLs.
* Don't print unwanted debug information when running the freeze command.


* Fixed import error on Windows with regard to the backwards compatibility


* Fixed uninstall when /tmp is on a different filesystem.

* Fixed uninstallation of distributions with namespace packages.


* Added support for the ``https`` and ``http-static`` schemes to the
  Mercurial and ``ftp`` scheme to the Bazaar backend.

* Fixed uninstallation of scripts installed with easy_install.

* Fixed an issue in the package finder that could result in an
  infinite loop while looking for links.

* Fixed issue with ``pip bundle`` and local files (which weren't being
  copied into the bundle), from Whit Morriss.


* Add ``pip uninstall`` and uninstall-before upgrade (from Carl

* Extended configurability with config files and environment variables.

* Allow packages to be upgraded, e.g., ``pip install Package==0.1``
  then ``pip install Package==0.2``.

* Allow installing/upgrading to Package==dev (fix "Source version does not
  match target version" errors).

* Added command and option completion for bash and zsh.

* Extended integration with virtualenv by providing an option to
  automatically use an active virtualenv and an option to warn if no active
  virtualenv is found.

* Fixed a bug with pip install --download and editable packages, where
  directories were being set with 0000 permissions, now defaults to 755.

* Fixed uninstallation of easy_installed console_scripts.

* Fixed uninstallation on Mac OS X Framework layout installs

* Fixed bug preventing uninstall of editables with source outside venv.

* Creates download cache directory if not existing.


* Fixed a couple little bugs, with git and with extensions.


* Added ability to override the default log file name (``pip-log.txt``)
  with the environmental variable ``$PIP_LOG_FILE``.

* Made the freeze command print installed packages to stdout instead of
  writing them to a file. Use simple redirection (e.g.
  ``pip freeze > stable-req.txt``) to get a file with requirements.

* Fixed problem with freezing editable packages from a Git repository.

* Added support for base URLs using ``<base href='...'>`` when parsing
  HTML pages.

* Fixed installing of non-editable packages from version control systems.

* Fixed issue with Bazaar's bzr+ssh scheme.

* Added --download-dir option to the install command to retrieve package
  archives. If given an editable package it will create an archive of it.

* Added ability to pass local file and directory paths to ``--find-links``,
  e.g. ``--find-links=file:///path/to/my/private/archive``

* Reduced the amount of console log messages when fetching a page to find a
  distribution was problematic. The full messages can be found in pip-log.txt.

* Added ``--no-deps`` option to install ignore package dependencies

* Added ``--no-index`` option to ignore the package index (PyPI) temporarily

* Fixed installing editable packages from Git branches.

* Fixes freezing of editable packages from Mercurial repositories.

* Fixed handling read-only attributes of build files, e.g. of Subversion and
  Bazaar on Windows.

* When downloading a file from a redirect, use the redirected
  location's extension to guess the compression (happens specifically
  when redirecting to a bitbucket.org tip.gz file).

* Editable freeze URLs now always use revision hash/id rather than tip or
  branch names which could move.

* Fixed comparison of repo URLs so incidental differences such as
  presence/absence of final slashes or quoted/unquoted special
  characters don't trigger "ignore/switch/wipe/backup" choice.

* Fixed handling of attempt to checkout editable install to a
  non-empty, non-repo directory.


* Make ``-e`` work better with local hg repositories

* Construct PyPI URLs the exact way easy_install constructs URLs (you
  might notice this if you use a custom index that is

* Improvements on Windows (from `Ionel Maries Cristian

* Fixed problem with not being able to install private git repositories.

* Make ``pip zip`` zip all its arguments, not just the first.

* Fix some filename issues on Windows.

* Allow the ``-i`` and ``--extra-index-url`` options in requirements

* Fix the way bundle components are unpacked and moved around, to make
  bundles work.

* Adds ``-s`` option to allow the access to the global site-packages if a
  virtualenv is to be created.

* Fixed support for Subversion 1.6.


* Improved virtualenv restart and various path/cleanup problems on win32.

* Fixed a regression with installing from svn repositories (when not
  using ``-e``).

* Fixes when installing editable packages that put their source in a
  subdirectory (like ``src/``).

* Improve ``pip -h``


* Added support for editable packages created from Git, Mercurial and Bazaar
  repositories and ability to freeze them. Refactored support for version
  control systems.

* Do not use ``sys.exit()`` from inside the code, instead use a
  return.  This will make it easier to invoke programmatically.

* Put the install record in ``Package.egg-info/installed-files.txt``
  (previously they went in

* Fix a problem with ``pip freeze`` not including ``-e svn+`` when an
  svn structure is peculiar.

* Allow ``pip -E`` to work with a virtualenv that uses a different
  version of Python than the parent environment.

* Fixed Win32 virtualenv (``-E``) option.

* Search the links passed in with ``-f`` for packages.

* Detect zip files, even when the file doesn't have a ``.zip``
  extension and it is served with the wrong Content-Type.

* Installing editable from existing source now works, like ``pip
  install -e some/path/`` will install the package in ``some/path/``.
  Most importantly, anything that package requires will also be
  installed by pip.

* Add a ``--path`` option to ``pip un/zip``, so you can avoid zipping
  files that are outside of where you expect.

* Add ``--simulate`` option to ``pip zip``.


* Fixed small problem that prevented using ``pip.py`` without actually
  installing pip.

* Fixed ``--upgrade``, which would download and appear to install
  upgraded packages, but actually just reinstall the existing package.

* Fixed Windows problem with putting the install record in the right
  place, and generating the ``pip`` script with Setuptools.

* Download links that include embedded spaces or other unsafe
  characters (those characters get %-encoded).

* Fixed use of URLs in requirement files, and problems with some blank

* Turn some tar file errors into warnings.


* Renamed to ``pip``, and to install you now do ``pip install

* Added command ``pip zip PACKAGE`` and ``pip unzip PACKAGE``.  This
  is particularly intended for Google App Engine to manage libraries
  to stay under the 1000-file limit.

* Some fixes to bundles, especially editable packages and when
  creating a bundle using unnamed packages (like just an svn
  repository without ``#egg=Package``).


* Added an option ``--install-option`` to pass options to pass
  arguments to ``setup.py install``

* ``.svn/`` directories are no longer included in bundles, as these
  directories are specific to a version of svn -- if you build a
  bundle on a system with svn 1.5, you can't use the checkout on a
  system with svn 1.4.  Instead a file ``svn-checkout.txt`` is
  included that notes the original location and revision, and the
  command you can use to turn it back into an svn checkout.  (Probably
  unpacking the bundle should, maybe optionally, recreate this
  information -- but that is not currently implemented, and it would
  require network access.)

* Avoid ambiguities over project name case, where for instance
  MyPackage and mypackage would be considered different packages.
  This in particular caused problems on Macs, where ``MyPackage/`` and
  ``mypackage/`` are the same directory.

* Added support for an environmental variable
  ``$PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE`` which will cache package downloads, so
  future installations won't require large downloads.  Network access
  is still required, but just some downloads will be avoided when
  using this.


* Always use ``svn checkout`` (not ``export``) so that
  ``tag_svn_revision`` settings give the revision of the package.

* Don't update checkouts that came from ``.pybundle`` files.


* Improve error text when there are errors fetching HTML pages when
  seeking packages.

* Improve bundles: include empty directories, make them work with
  editable packages.

* If you use ``-E env`` and the environment ``env/`` doesn't exist, a
  new virtual environment will be created.

* Fix ``dependency_links`` for finding packages.


* Fixed a NameError exception when running pip outside of a
  virtualenv environment.

* Added HTTP proxy support (from Prabhu Ramachandran)

* Fixed use of ``hashlib.md5`` on python2.5+ (also from Prabhu


* Initial release