Georg Brandl committed bbddf9d

Restore docutils compatibility.

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         if node['uri'].lower().endswith('svg') or \
             atts = {'data': node['uri'], 'type': 'image/svg+xml'}
-            if 'width' in node:
+            if node.has_key('width'):
                 atts['width'] = node['width']
-            if 'height' in node:
+            if node.has_key('height'):
                 atts['height'] = node['height']
-            if 'align' in node:
+            if node.has_key('align'):
                 self.body.append('<div align="%s" class="align-%s">' %
                                  (node['align'], node['align']))


             # ... and all others are the appendices
             self.first_document = -1
-        if 'docname' in node:
+        if node.has_key('docname'):
             self.body.append('\\hypertarget{--doc-%s}{}' % node['docname'])
         # "- 1" because the level is increased before the title is visited
         self.sectionlevel = self.top_sectionlevel - 1
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