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I broke it but I'm done for now.
and the file itself
add info. Change how the message works, but Keep It Simple -- we'll leave unused fields in it.
Need a locale-specific mechanism to create an id. This is it.
need to wait for all children. No Child Left Behind
well, *that* was annoying bug.
dammit .
is this the problem.
pass locale into child.
add Ip() to locale. Arguably, this will have to be a []string. Actually, this is all a bit of a mess now. The big problem is when we create a connection via Dial() we should tell the guy which accepts his own IP address, since he can't figure it out due to socket limitations.
correct the subnodes -- it's very much like delegation at this point.
add copyright notice.
lessone learned: get it working, the goroutine() it
the go func is not even running. ARM issue?
more debug. What's wrong here?
try again
added jaguar and some better guessing.
stupid mistake
Jason Dreisbach
Slave will relayexec with the binary name that it has been invoked with
needed updates and fixes
more for the delegation. This is not it, but it's closer.
debug print
relaying nodes as well
noah's cool config stuff
fix missing :
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