NXM build system, based on inferno.

Still a work in progress but to start:

cp mkconfig.example mkconfig

Edit mkconfig to your local system. Be careful to set ROOT and SYSHOST.

Add $ROOT/$SYSHOST/$OBJTYPE/bin to your path


to build the initial mk binary

mk all

to build the local utility binaries like the linker and the compilers.

Then edit mkconfig again (this will go away soon by baking OS assumptions into the mkfiles) and 
set SYSTARG to Nix in mkconfig and
export OBJTYPE=amd64

cd libsec

and build libsec for nix. 

cd ../nxm/libc/amd64

to build the architecture dependent parts of libc (the reduce script for the shell needs to be reimplemented).


export PATH=$NXM/xbin:${PATH}

as a stopgap (the nxm compiler changes haven't been integrated yet) to build by doing:

cd ../../ && mk all