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Map Index Tool for ArcGIS Desktop Version 10

The Map Index Tool creates a geographic index of all ArcMap documents (MXDs) in a folder supplied by the user. For each MXD, the tool finds the largest dataframe on the Layout view and sends the extent of that dataframe to a shapefile in the folder (map_index.shp). Tested on ArcGIS Desktop version 10. Not tested and likely not working on ArcGIS Desktop versions 9.3.1 and below.


This tool will destroy and overwrite any shapefile named map_index within the supplied folder. Please use with caution.


  • Create shapefile of the extent of each ArcMap document (MXD) in a supplied folder
  • Includes several properties of each MXD such as:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Path to file
    • Last date the map was saved
    • Last date the Map Index Tool was run

NOTE: If the MXD being indexed was last opened and saved using ArcMap 9.3.1 or lower, the Last Save Date will not be available and will be blank in the table. The Title and Author fields come from the fields in Map Document Properties from the File menu in ArcMap.