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Geoff Jacobs created an issue

Plugin looks great, much easier than trawling through the database. Just noticed that programmatic custom fields created by other plugins are listed as unused e.g. issueFunction from Script Runner. I'm guessing these shouldn't really be deleted. Is there any way to identify this kind of custom field so it is greyed out or something?

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  1. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner

    Hi Geoff, I think there's no method which can give us 100% confidence about field is calculated. We have some ideas about that, but it looks too complex and unreliable now. We'll try to solve this in future versions. We released new version of our plugin, which contains warning message about calculated fields and also we added detection of fields created by Script Runner, as it's very popular plugin. That fields marked as "calculated".

  2. Geoff Jacobs reporter

    Hi John, can you tell things such as non default types of custom fields? i.e. script runner / tempo etc when they aren't just text etc? Even just highlighting that a custom field is a non standard type might be a good indication for people. tried out the new release and the calculated looks good - warning messages are also good to have.

    I tried updating my marketplace review, but then it had duplicate reviews there, so I deleted one and they were both gone :( - added a new one in it's place.

  3. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner

    Hi @grimsy, you're absolutely right, this is planned for next release. Thanks for review!

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