Custom Field Manager not working

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We have installed a trial of Custom Field Manager for Jira in our production instance today. We are running Jira Server Version 8.5.2.

When I select Settings->Issues->Fields the screen keeps spinning for minutes, never brings back data.

When I click on F12 to see Console messages, I find the following message
Error: Given action "LOAD_FIELDS", reducer "fields" returned undefined. To ignore an action, you must explicitly return the previous state. If you want this reducer to hold no value, you can return null instead of undefined.

I’ve left the screen spinning for 30 minutes and it never comes back with data.

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  1. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner


    Can you check server log (atlassian-jira.log)?

    If there’s nothing in log, switch Custom Field Manager to “DEBUG” log level and try to open app’s page once more and check log again. I guess app fails on some custom field and we need to know which one.

    Here is how to switch log level:

    1. Go to Gog → System → Logging and profiling
    2. Click “Configure logging level for another package“
    3. Package name: “systems.npe.jira.cfu“, logging level: DEBUG
    4. Click “Add” button.

  2. reporter

    I’ve attached a copy of the log after I’ve turned on logging for systems.npe.jira.cfu, it actually fills up over two logs before it stops logging any cfu related activity. This is the final log, you can see the last cfu entry was

    2020-04-22 05:30:03,379+0800 http-nio-8080-exec-176 DEBUG suelocal 328x14043818x18 1lrk7fl, /rest/cfu/1.0/field [s.n.j.c.api.field.FieldModel] Setting field used status to false

    the next entries are all ‘JqlEventMatcher_SLOW’ alerts which I think are related to the JSU queries.

    Please let me know if you have any advice on how to get this add-on to work or if you need any further information.

  3. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner

    Ok, there’s no errors in log. But looking closely at screenshot you attached to issue, i see that there is message about server responded with status 504 (gateway time-out). This means that proxy/web-server (apache, nginx, etc) in front of your Jira server has timeout setting (usually 60 seconds by default) which is less than time it takes Jira server to respond. I see that even for the part of the log that you sent, the response time was more than 1 minute. Thus, you need to increase the web server timeout setting by a time sufficient to process the server response. In order to determine the exact value, you can look at log for the time of the first message from the app and the time of the last message.

  4. Sue Tennant

    Thanks Alexey, I’ll check with my team to see if I’m able to increase the timeout for nginx and get back to you.

  5. Sue Tennant

    Hi Alexey, Thanks for leading us to a solution. I was able to change the nginx timeout by adding the following statement to our config file proxy_read_timeout 200s and now the add-on is working as expected. You can close this ticket.

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