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Anneta Svircenkova created an issue

Dear developers of ‘Custom Field Manager for Jira’

I am wondering what does indication in Workflow tab means (in this case 3 and 5)

If I query workflows for custom field 10101 I do not get any results:

Thank you!

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  1. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner
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    Hi Anneta,

    In some cases custom fields in workflow descriptors are referred as their numeric id, in your case “10101”.

    You can check that the values 3 and 5 are correct by clicking on the field name and going to the Workflows tab. This tab will display workflows and specific workflows configuration objects (post-function, validator, etc.), in which this field is involved. Having memorized any specific object, you can open the settings of this object in the workflow editor and see how exactly this field is used in it.

  2. Anneta Svircenkova reporter

    Thank you Alexey. Clicked on the field and found out that in this case id “10101” indicates status ID and is not related to customfield_10101

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