CSV Export does not handled by Excel correctly

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Areg Vrtanesyan created an issue


I have noticed that CSV export is not handled by Excel correctly if field description has new lines in it together with commas and quotes.

The only way that I have found to workaround it is to:

  • Open file in text editor like Notepad++
  • Add separator value at the first line like "sep=|" - no quotes
  • Replace first line column name separator from comma to |
  • Search and replace "," combination with "|"
  • Check for occasional empty new lines ...

Then I can open it in Excel and analyse data.

Could some kind improvement be added for this?

May be sanitise descriptions for new lines, commas and quotes?

Regards, Areg

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  1. Areg Vrtanesyan Account Deactivated reporter


    Just wondering if you have any news about this?

    Regards, Areg

  2. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner

    Hi Areg, we're finally released new version of our app with this bug being fixed.

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