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Issue #13 closed
Areg Vrtanesyan created an issue

Hi Team

I have also noticed that Admin Console is empty and does not allow edit project groups membership.

Anything that I can debug on my side?

Regards, Areg

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  1. Areg Vrtanesyan reporter

    Just to mention that it was showing one project at some point then it vanished too.

    Any Permissions dependency?

    Could it be that we have Service Desk projects there without Service Desk activated?

  2. Areg Vrtanesyan reporter


    Do I need that?

    I have SysAdmin rights.

    I can't have that privilege on all 1700 and more projects ...

    I can manage projects on backend but not necessarily have access to issues itself.

    Regards, Areg

  3. Areg Vrtanesyan reporter

    Strange Now it shows 5 project out of 12 ... Not shown one has special closed permissions scheme applied.

  4. Areg Vrtanesyan reporter

    So far it looks better. but Now I can't edit or see sub-groups Only first level. Is this related?

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