Ability to Collapse Groups in browse page

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Very handy if you could collapse the groups in the Browse by Group UI.

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  1. Cathrine Chanslor

    To further clarify:

    When viewing the "Broswe by Group" view, we noticed that the hierarchy tree to the left is very compact (width-wise) and the tree structure can be very long (having to scroll up and down) as every sub-group is shown. 

    • Are there any plans to allow the parent groups to collapse/expand (like a nested folder tree structure)
    • Are there any plans to have a wider view of the hierarchy tree (like the view you get while browsing the "Groups Editor" view as a System Admin, with wider indentations for each sub-group)?

  2. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner

    Hi Catherine,

    Yes, right now we are working on refreshing the interface, which will take into account both of your wishes.

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