Migrating jira instance with Project Groups for Jira

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Issue #25 resolved
Alexsandro_iTMethods_ created an issue


We are supporting one of our customers on migration their Jira Software 7.13.1 DC installation to a different environment on AWS utilizing the XML import/export.

Can you please confirm if this process will move over the app data? if not, is there an alternative approach to ensure that any data/configuration created in the source instance will move over to the target instance.

Thanks a lot,

Alexsandro Silva

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  1. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner

    Hi Alexsandro,

    Project Groups for Jira, as many other apps, stores it’s data in Jira database using standard Atlassian component (Active Objects). This data is included in XML backup and restored along all other Jira data.

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