Why do the parent groups show "0" and not total up the child groups?

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Cathrine Chanslor created an issue

The counts of projects in a particular group show only the number of projects actually IN that group. But when viewing as a hierarchy, one would expect that the counts reflect the projects in the child groups of the hierarchy.

Is there a plan in the roadmap to include this or to at least include an option to view things in this way?

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  1. [NPES] Alexey Dorofeyev repo owner

    Hi Catherine,

    We have a corresponding task in our backlog, but for now we are thinking about how best to implement it. The fact is that we cannot simply display the total number of projects in all subgroups, since for such groups this will hide the number of projects directly in this group. We really don't want to display two numbers, since this will complicate the interface and make it less intuitive and more difficult to understand.
    However, we understand that it would be convenient to see the total number of projects. So far, the most adequate solution seems to be something like a tooltip with the total number of projects in a group and its subgroups.

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