Function projectGroupsHierarchy() not working - Is it available still?

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Issue #31 resolved
Cathrine Chanslor created an issue

We are using version 2.09. We have been testing this on our staging instance. We recently licensed the product and will be installing it to our Production instance later this week.

Based on feedback you provided in Issue #26 ( we tried the projectGroupsHierarchy() function and were unsuccessful in our testing. Here is the feedback from the team doing the testing:

“I tested this syntax in Staging and it doesn't seem to work (returns 0 results). 

project in projectGroupsHierarchy("DB&C BU")

project in projectGroupsHierarchy("B2Bi")

What's odd is that the Jira search shows a  which would indicate that this is correct syntax... but returns 0 results.

  • project in projectGroupsHierarchy(“DB&C BU”)
  • project in projectGroupsHierarchy(“B2Bi”)

I still think you should ask them this question, and particularly why "projectGroupsHierarchy()" is not working... are we running the latest version?  If this is a beta feature that is not fully tested/documented, maybe we're not running this version in Staging.”

For reference, the original question posed by the team following testing was: “When we query on a parent group, the result does not include the child groups.  Can this be fixed?  (project in projectGroups("Z Data") does not return the results of all sub-groups unless you specify all of them)”

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  1. Cathrine Chanslor reporter

    Sorry team.

    I was relying on the end user team report backs on the functioning of this. Just as I was replying to that team that I had submitted another issue for them, I noticed they has spelled the group name incorrectly in their query. I have tested this myself and am getting the expected results. No assist needed here.

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