Build instructions:

To build binary and Java Web Start distributions, do:

mvn assembly:assembly -Dmaven.test.skip

To build a MacOS X app bundle, uncomment the osxappbundle plugin
configuration in the pom.xml.

This package requires a lot of things to be in your Maven 2 repository, notably

* dcm4che2-core and dcm4che2-net (

* ExtAttr, DicomUtils, DicomEdit, DicomDB-browser (built by "mvn install" in their directories)

* ui.jar from Apple's MRJ, version 1.5 or later; this is needed for compiling
  but is not included in the fat jar.  The easiest way to get this is to take it
  from a Mac with MRJ 1.5.0+; if that's not available, try looking around at The POM specifies version 1.6, so if you have
  a 1.5 jar you should modify the POM accordingly.
* ij.jar from ImageJ, version as specified in the POM
  (but no earlier than 1.38L)