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Reference lib/xnatsrb-1.jar from within the pom.xml, removing the need to manually run mvn install:install-file.

We should remove the scope, systemPath, and lib/xnatsrb-1.jar once we have our own public maven repo.

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-Until we have our own maven repository, it is necessary to load any non-public jars into your local repository::
-    mvn install:install-file -Dfile=lib/xnatsrb-1.jar -DgroupId=org.nrg.xnat -DartifactId=xnatsrb -Dversion=1 -Dpackaging=jar
 To build the xdat_core module::
-			<groupId>org.nrg.xnat</groupId>
-			<artifactId>xnatsrb</artifactId>
-			<version>1</version>
-		</dependency>
-		<dependency>
+		<dependency>
+			<groupId>org.nrg.xnat</groupId>
+			<artifactId>xnatsrb</artifactId>
+			<version>1</version>
+			<!-- 
+	            Until we have our own Maven repository, we need to store any non-public 
+	            jars in the project. Remove the scope, systemPath, and jar once xnatsrb is
+	            publicly available.
+	        -->
+			<scope>system</scope>
+			<systemPath>${basedir}/lib/xnatsrb-1.jar</systemPath>
+		</dependency>