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I'm looking into getting a hotel room for DEF CON this year, and I'm considering getting a room from the Gold Coast because the rates are super reasonable given the rooms that they have.

Other folks in, e.g., #velutinous and #despise may be using this same framework for their roomshares as well. More information will come as soon as we know more.

There is one stipulation: Guest count is capped at four people per hotel room. If you miss out, you have our sincerest condolences. Sorry!

How Does This Work?

Clone this repository for one. You kinda can't do much without doing that first.

Modify metadata.json with the relevant details. An example follows.

    "handle": "nrr",
    "telephone": "+16187892945",
    "room_nights": {
        "2014-08-01": "nrr Gold Coast",
        "2014-08-02": "nrr Gold Coast"

Once you've done all of that, submit a pull request, or send a patch to

Cost Sharing Breakdown

Please run bin/ from the root of the repository in order to determine your share. (Note: This script is currently in progress.)

Staying in Touch

Please run bin/ from the root of this repository to dump the list of contacts for this thing. This will also, incidentally, give you the guest list. (Note: This script is currently in progress.)

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