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Issue #18 resolved

not compatible with taglist

Anonymous created an issue

when the taglist windows opened, after three chars, the popup windows disappears. Tested in .py files

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  1. Anonymous

    actually, i found that if there are more than one window in gvim, this problem will appear eg:

    step 1: open a empty .py file, then in command mode, open the help file :h then go back to the origin file and input: ab now i can see a list, then input another char like abd now the list disappears, but actually there are many items it can matched

    step 2: now close the help window and do the step 1 again, then the autocomplpopup script work perfectly

    i tested in .py and .tex file, .tex file didn't have this problem

  2. Anonymous

    it's in my own dictionary, you can try any others in your dictionary which can popup the list.eg: add these words to your dictionary xyza xyzb xyzc xyzd

    then try xyz

    anyway, today i install this script http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=2879 and the problem seemed soloved. it's so weired that this script just modifed the statusline i'll try a clean version with only acp to see what will happen

  3. Anonymous

    in the gvim only with script acp, i didn't see the problem either. mabe some scripts conflict. anyway, my problem has been solved, even i don't know why

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