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The meets function for Python Omni-Completion does not work (acp#meetsForPythonOmni)

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Hi, Acp does not prefer omni completion for Python files. I cannot get the function 'acp#meetsForPythonOmni' to tell me that it is appropriate. Also the order appears to be wrong. Shouldn't omni completion come before keyword completion?

I think it worked kind of after I triggered ^X^O manually, but it still wasn't the real omni completion menu I did expect. Not sure about that one.

This is what I have:

   :echo acp_behavior.python

    [{'meets': 'acp#meetsForSnipmate', 'completefunc': 'acp#completeSnipmate', 'onPopupClose': 'acp#onPopupCloseSnipmate', 'repeat': 0, 'command': '^X^U'},
     {'meets': 'acp#meetsForKeyword', 'repeat': 0, 'command': '^N'},
     {'meets': 'acp#meetsForFile', 'repeat': 1, 'command': '^X^F'},
     {'meets': 'acp#meetsForPythonOmni', 'repeat': 0, 'command': '^X^O'}]

I can make it work like so (using the meet-keyword function and reordering) For anybody seeing this, put this into your vimrc and retype the tilde commands as control chars (Ctrl-V Ctrl-X for exampe).


let g:acp_behavior = {
        \   'python' : 
        \       [
        \           {'meets': 'acp#meetsForSnipmate', 'completefunc': 'acp#completeSnipmate', 'onPopupClose': 'acp#onPopupCloseSnipmate', 'repeat': 0, 'command': '^X^U'},
        \           {'meets': 'acp#meetsForKeyword', 'repeat': 0, 'command': '^X^O'},
        \           {'meets': 'acp#meetsForKeyword', 'repeat': 0, 'command': '^N'},
        \           {'meets': 'acp#meetsForFile', 'repeat': 1, 'command': '^X^N'},
        \       ],
        \ }

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