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Changed to use 'omnifunc' instead of 'completefunc'. Changed default value of key_next_mode. Changed default value of key_prev_mode. Changed default value of key_ignore_case.

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File plugin/fuzzyfinder.vim

-"TODO: Document for Information File
 " fuzzyfinder.vim : Fuzzy/Partial pattern explorer for
 "                   buffer/file/MRU/command/bookmark/tag/etc.
     " if the cursor is placed on the end of the line and has been actually moved.
     let self.last_col = col('.')
     let self.last_base = s:RemovePrompt(getline('.'), self.prompt)
-    call feedkeys("\<C-x>\<C-u>", 'n')
+    call feedkeys("\<C-x>\<C-o>", 'n')
   setlocal modifiable
   setlocal nocursorline   " for highlighting
   setlocal nocursorcolumn " for highlighting
-  let &l:completefunc = a:complete_func
+  let &l:omnifunc = a:complete_func
 " OBJECT: s:InfoFileManager --------------------------------------------- {{{1
 " open a buffer/file in a new tab page.
 let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.key_open_tab = '<C-]>'
 " [All Mode] This is mapped to switch to the next mode.
-let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.key_next_mode = '<C-l>'
+let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.key_next_mode = '<C-t>'
 " [All Mode] This is mapped to switch to the previous mode.
-let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.key_prev_mode = '<C-o>'
+let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.key_prev_mode = '<C-y>'
 " [All Mode] This is mapped to temporarily switch whether or not to ignore
 " case.
-let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.key_ignore_case = '<C-t>'
+let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.key_ignore_case = '<C-g><C-g>'
 " [All Mode] This is the file name to write information of the MRU, etc. If
 " "" was set, Fuzzyfinder does not write to the file.
 let g:FuzzyFinderOptions.Base.info_file = '~/.vimfuzzyfinder'