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Files opened with FufCoverageFile not showing in buffer list

created an issue

This only happens in certain situations. The steps below can consistently recreate it for me.

Launch vim (terminal or GUI)

Open a file


Launch FufCoverageFile and enter a pattern containing '/' or ';'

<enter> to open the file

:ls to see that the current file is NOT listed as an open buffer

This does not happen when Vim is initially launched, you have to open a file, then :bd. It only happens when the fuzzyfinder pattern contains '/' or ';'.

The consequence of this reveals itself after I open another file. I expect to be able to navigate back to the original using FufBuffer, but I cannot because the file never made it into the buffer list.

I have no idea where to begin looking into this. Can someone at least try to recreate it and see if it's something specific to me?

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