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Issue #51 new

FuzzyFinder hangs when searching in large directories

Sergey Doroshenko
created an issue

When I invoke "FufFile <asterisk><asterisk>/" on a directory with say ~4000 directories and ~20000 files, it takes literally forever for it to finish the recursive searching, and this operation can't be terminated with Ctrl-C or Esc or smth.

The situation is even worse if I accidentally invoke the same on my home directory, where the number of files is much higher. In this case I have no other choice than to kill Vim's process, which slightly increases the overall amount of sadness in the universe.

So my question is, does the FuzzyFinder have some option to limit the number of files when performing recursive search? I've checked both documentation and source code and haven't found something like that.

If no, then would it be difficult to introduce such option?

The idea is that when number of files reaches the certain (configurable) limit, FuzzyFinder would notify about this and show either (1) only the files found so far or (2) only top-level directories, as if FufFile was called without asterisks.


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    Any ideas on this one. Same things happens with FufCoverageFile. I've traced it down to the following line: function fuf#launch..48..<SNR>33_enumItems..fuf#glob line 3: return split(glob(substitute(a:expr, '\', '/', 'g')), "\n")

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