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Issue #64 new

Error detected while processing function <SNR>25_updateData..fuf#updateMruList

Martin Krauskopf
created an issue

I'm getting following error each time when switching buffer in Vim:

{{{ Error detected while processing function <SNR>25_updateData..fuf#updateMruList: line 2: E121: Undefined variable: word line 5: E121: Undefined variable: word Press ENTER or type command to continue }}}

Similarly other functionality throwing similar errors. I do not seem to be alone: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10039849/fuzzyfinder-error-detected-while-processing-function-snr19-oncommandpre

So far I was not able to catch the culprit. Let me know if there is more information needed.

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  1. Martin Krauskopf reporter

    I've debugged it and found out that /.vim-fuf-data/mrufile/items contains something like:

    {'word': '/path/to/file1', 'time': 1340205376}
    {'word': '/path/to/file1', 'time': 1340205376}

    The zero entry on the end of the file was the culprit. After deleting the 0 entry, problem has gone. I'm not sure whether I did somehow manage to explicitly enter the 0 entry by myself or whether it was done so by FuzzyFinder. Might be it was just me and this is wont-fix.


    - m.

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