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Tonyliu1985 created an issue

Dear All,

I am a new user of matephlan, and trying to use But I encountered a some problem on it, like:

../../plotting_scripts/ --in merged_sample.txt --out test.png

Traceback (most recent call last): File "../../plotting_scripts/", line 481, in <module> tax_lev = pars['tax_lev'] File "../../plotting_scripts/", line 452, in hclust heatmap_panel( fig, D, minv, maxv, idx1, idx2, cm_name, scale, sample_labels, feat_labels, label_font_size, -cm_h8.0/ysize, cm_h0.88.0/ysize, flabelon, slabelon, cm_ticks, gridon, ydend_offset+sdend_h8.0/ysize ) File "../../plotting_scripts/", line 279, in heatmap_panel axmatrix.tick_params(length=0) AttributeError: 'Axes' object has no attribute 'tick_params'

Does any one know where is the problem? I attached my merged input for your reference.

Many thanks for your help!!


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  1. Nicola Segata repo owner

    Hi, this is due to a non updated matplotlib version. With version > 1.3 this is not occuring. Nicola

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