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Hi, I installed lefse in my terminal by using the following command. conda install -c bioconda lefse I got following after installation. lefty

I have my OTU table from Qiime2, and I used the relative abundance of OTU table. I followed instructions in the page.

$ hmp_aerobiosis_small.txt -c 1 -s 2 -u 3 -o 1000000 I used $ Saline_lefse.txt -c 1 -s 2 -u 3 -o 1000000 But when I chekced ".in" file it doesnt seem the right output.

What do you think that might have gone wrong? I have attached my original OTU file, .in file and lefse error herewith for your reference. Any help is highly appreciated. Many thanks, Thilini

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