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See Overview page.

Demo Video

Demo Video

What you can do with PUSE

  • Make your applications uninterruptible. In changing program parameters, no longer needed to edit the config file and restart the process. PUSE enables real-time processing via filesystem like as /proc.

  • For debugging. It is helpful for debugging if the program can export/import its state to files. PUSE performs it.

  • Easier way of virtual filesystem coding. PUSE provides a simpler set of functions than that of the original FUSE library. It also implements directory tree management, owner/permission management and internal buffer for divided read/write system calls.

Quick Start

Download the code from Downloads page or checkout the latest code by

hg clone

To install prerequisite libraries in Debian/Ubuntu system, simply type

apt-get install libglib2.0-dev libfuse-dev

Change directory to /PATH_TO_PUSE/src, and then build and install as follows.

make install

To run hello example, change directory to /PATH_TO_PUSE/ex/hello/src and then


A directory named 'puse' appears in the same directory. You can get greetings from PUSE filesystem.