TeamCity plugin to upload artifacts to external locations

This plugin adds basic deployment functions
to TeamCity continuous integration server


Copy zip archive to %TeamCity_data_dir%/plugins
and restart the server. Agents will be upgraded automatically


In build configuration settings, new runners will be available for build steps.
New runners include:
 * SMB Deployer   - upload artifacts via SMB (Windows shares)
 * FTP Deployer   - upload artifacts via FTP
 * SSH Deployer   - upload artifacts via SSH (using SCP or SFTP protocols)
 * SSH Exec       - execute arbitrary commands using SSH
 * Cargo Deployer - deploy WAR application archives to different servlet containers (based on Cargo library: http://cargo.codehaus.org)

 When configuring artifacts for upload, same patterns can be used as in "Artifacts Path" section of "General Settings"
 page. Including packaging artifacts to zip/tgz archives


Apache, version 2.0
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