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Issue #26 open

Cache Fix Catchall Issue

Ed Ceaser
created an issue

so the current state of caching in django is a mess.

I'm going to manually do caching using the low-level cache api, as the default auto-caching shit is real bad.

we need to be able to support cache invalidation for models, etc.

so my plan is this:

  1. object caching on serialized model data.
  2. fragment caching on top of this, of rendered html / json / whatever.

object model changes will invalidate both.

Comments (4)

  1. Nathaniel Tucker repo owner

    Fragment caching is silly as the templating engine is so fast the fetch from cache is pretty much the same.

    I recommend switching all caching to model level. I'm not going to write up documentation for my enhancements to the autocache library, but I will take any questions, and can provide examples of its use. (I use it on day9.tv)

  2. Ed Ceaser reporter

    the templating engine is not going to be as fast as fetching from cache when under a spike of heavy load (aka a reddit post). you're going to be CPU bound WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY before you saturate your memory bandwidth.

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