homebin / dmenu_url

#!/bin/bash -x
which dmenu || exit 2
which $BROWSER || exit 3
[ -z "$WWW_HOME" ] && WWW_HOME="http://www.google.com/"

bookmarks() {
  echo $WWW_HOME
  pri=`xclip -o -selection primary`   && [ -n "$pri" ] && echo $pri
  sec=`xclip -o -selection secondary` && [ -n "$sec" ] && echo $sec
  sel=`xclip -o -selection clipboard` && [ -n "$sel" ] && echo $sel
  [ -n $BOOKMARKS -a -r $BOOKMARKS ] && cat $BOOKMARKS

uri=`bookmarks | dmenu $DMENU_OPTS -p 'uri'` || exit 4
expr "$uri" : '^https\?://' || uri="http://${uri}"

if [ -p "$4" -a -w "$4" ]; then
  echo "uri $uri" > "$4"
  exec $BROWSER $uri
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