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Every time I look at Java, I think to myself

Oh, this shit again.

Getting It

This project uses Mercurial for version control and can so be fetched with

hg clone

or go to and select your preferred archive format from the "get source" tab.

Building It

As every Clojure project should be, messageme.clj is build using Leiningen I've included the Leiningen bootstrap script bin/lein as part of this repo for your convenience.

Since Clojure is dynamically compiled, open a REPL to test that it builds.

./bin/lein repl

Running It

The program can be run using leiningen as well. Do to a bug in Ant, it must be trampolined (spawns a separate JVM rather than using leiningen's).

./bin/lein trampoline run

Reading It

If you're unfamiliar with the Lisp family of programming languages Clojure can look quite foreign. I've included literate documentation which walks you through the program and how it works. The documentation was generated with Marginalia

To read it open docs/uberdoc.html in any modern browser.


Copyright (C) 2012 Steven! Ragnarök

Distributed under the GPL V3 or Later.