Steven! Ragnarök committed 90ee524

Now it compiles.

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 		String[] args = argList.split(" ", 2);
 		User sender =[0]);
 		User recipient =[1]);
-		String body = args[2].split("'", "");
+		String body = args[2].replace("'", "");
 		recipient.getInbox().add(new Message(sender, recipient, body));
 	public static void inbox(String argList) {
 	public static void printInboxUsage() {


 package com.nuclearsandwich.messageme;
+import java.util.ArrayList;
 public class User {
 	public User(String name) {
 		return name;
+	public String getName() {
+		return name;
+	}
 	private String name;
 	private Inbox inbox;
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