Steven! Ragnarök committed d62080a

Check for mouse presence and tweak autocmd.

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 set splitright
 set splitbelow
 set exrc
-set laststatus =2
+set laststatus=2
 set colorcolumn=80
 set cursorline
 set incsearch
 set hlsearch
-set mouse=a
+" I'm not dead-set about enabling the mouse, but it makes Xselection much
+" easier since I have 
+if has('mouse')
+	set mouse=a
 " Show invisibles.
 set listchars=trail:·,tab:▸\ ,eol:¬
 autocmd FileType ruby setlocal expandtab
 autocmd FileType fancy setlocal expandtab
+autocmd FileType markdown setlocal textwidth=80 spell