Marcin Kuzminski committed 45e1fdc

Version bump,freeze of dependent libs.
Little test update

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 @author: marcink
-VERSION = (1, 0, 0, 'rc4')
+VERSION = (1, 0, 0,)
 __version__ = '.'.join((str(each) for each in VERSION[:4]))


     import tarfile
     import shutil
     from os.path import dirname as dn, join as jn, abspath
+    from rhodecode.tests import REPO_PATH, NEW_REPO_PATH
     log = logging.getLogger('TestEnvCreator')
     # create logger
     #PART TWO make test repo
     log.debug('making test vcs repo')
-    if os.path.isdir('/tmp/vcs_test'):
-        shutil.rmtree('/tmp/vcs_test')
+    if os.path.isdir(REPO_PATH):
+        log.debug('REMOVING %s', REPO_PATH)
+        shutil.rmtree(REPO_PATH)
+    if os.path.isdir(NEW_REPO_PATH):
+        log.debug('REMOVING %s', NEW_REPO_PATH)
+        shutil.rmtree(NEW_REPO_PATH)
     cur_dir = dn(dn(abspath(__file__)))
     tar =, 'tests', "vcs_test.tar.gz"))


 %if c.cur_query and c.formated_results:
-<div class="pagination-wh pagination-left">
+<div class="pagination-wh pagination-left" style="padding-left:16px">
     ${c.formated_results.pager('$link_previous ~2~ $link_next')}


 from rhodecode.model import meta
 import logging
-log = logging.getLogger(__name__) 
+log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
 import pylons.test
 #nosetests rhodecode.tests.functional.test_admin_settings:TestSettingsController.test_my_account
 environ = {}
+TEST_DIR = '/tmp'
+REPO_PATH = os.path.join(TEST_DIR, 'vcs_test')
+NEW_REPO_PATH = os.path.join(TEST_DIR, 'vcs_test_new')
 class TestController(TestCase):
  = meta.Session
         TestCase.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
     def log_user(self, username='test_admin', password='test12'):
         response ='login', action='index'),
         print response
         if 'invalid user name' in response.body:
             assert False, 'could not login using %s %s' % (username, password)
         assert response.status == '302 Found', 'Wrong response code from login got %s' % response.status
         assert response.session['rhodecode_user'].username == username, 'wrong logged in user got %s expected %s' % (response.session['rhodecode_user'].username, username)
         return response.follow()


     def test_index(self):
         response ='changelog', action='index', repo_name='vcs_test'))
-        print response
-        assert """<div id="chg_20" class="container">""" in response.body, 'wrong info about number ofchanges'
+        assert """<div id="chg_20" class="container">""" in response.body, 'wrong info about number of changes'
         assert """Small update at simplevcs app""" in response.body, 'missing info about commit message'
         assert """<span class="removed" title="removed">0</span>""" in response.body, 'wrong info about removed nodes'
         assert """<span class="changed" title="changed">2</span>""" in response.body, 'wrong info about changed nodes'
         assert """<span class="added" title="added">1</span>""" in response.body, 'wrong info about added nodes'
         response ='changelog', action='index', repo_name='vcs_test'), {'page':1})
         response ='changelog', action='index', repo_name='vcs_test'), {'page':2})
         response ='changelog', action='index', repo_name='vcs_test'), {'page':3})
         assert """<span class="changed" title="changed">1</span>"""in response.body, 'wrong info about number of changes'
         assert """<span class="added" title="added">0</span>"""in response.body, 'wrong info about number of added'
         assert """<div class="date">commit 64: 46ad32a4f974@2010-04-20 00:33:21</div>"""in response.body, 'wrong info about commit 64'
         assert """<div class="message"><a href="/vcs_test/changeset/46ad32a4f974">Merge with 2e6a2bf9356ca56df08807f4ad86d480da72a8f4</a></div>"""in response.body, 'wrong info about commit 64 is a merge'
-tag_build = rc4
+tag_build = 
 tag_svn_revision = true
 requirements = [
-        "SQLAlchemy>=0.6",
+        "SQLAlchemy==0.6.4",
-        "mercurial>=1.6",
-        "whoosh==1.0.0",
-        "celery>=2.0.0",
+        "mercurial==1.6.4",
+        "whoosh==1.2.5",
+        "celery==2.1.2",
-classifiers = ['Development Status :: 4 - Beta',
+classifiers = ["Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable",
                    'Environment :: Web Environment',
                    'Framework :: Pylons',
                    'Intended Audience :: Developers',