RhodeCode / docs / contributing.rst

Contributing to RhodeCode

If you would like to contribute to RhodeCode, please contact me, any help is greatly appreciated!

Could I request that you make your source contributions by first forking the RhodeCode repository on bitbucket https://bitbucket.org/marcinkuzminski/rhodecode and then make your changes to your forked repository. Please post all fixes into BETA branch since your fix might be already fixed there and i try to merge all fixes from beta into stable, and not the other way. Finally, when you are finished making a change, please send me a pull request.

To run RhodeCode in a development version you always need to install the latest required libs from requires.txt file.

after downloading/pulling RhodeCode make sure you run:

python setup.py develop

command to install/verify all required packages, and prepare development enviroment.

After finishing your changes make sure all tests passes ok. You can run the testsuite running nosetest from the project root.

Thank you for any contributions!
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