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.clojure.clj: add scaffold func

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 (defmacro unless [condition & body]
   `(if (not ~condition)
      (do ~@body)))
+;; from <<Clojure Programming>>, P292.
+(defn scaffold
+  "Given an interface, returns a 'hollow' body suitable for use with `deftype`."
+  [interface]
+  (doseq [[iface methods] (->> interface
+                               .getMethods
+                               (map #(vector (.getName (.getDeclaringClass %))
+                                             (symbol (.getName %))
+                                             (count (.getParameterTypes %))))
+                               (group-by first))]
+    (println (str " " iface))
+    (doseq [[_ name argcount] methods]
+      (println
+       (str "    "
+            (list name (into '[this] (take argcount (repeatedly gensym)))))))))
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