Bryan Fink  committed 06569a8

fallback to default chash function if chash_keyfun bucket property is not set

chash_keyfun will not be set in ringstates carried over from riak-0.5 clusters

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File config/riak.erlenv

 %%  nodes that will be participating in the same cluster.
 {cluster_name, "default"}.
 %% ring_state_dir is where ring membership information will be stored.
-{ring_state_dir, "priv/ringstate"}.
+{ring_state_dir, "/tmp/5to6/ringstate"}.
 %% ring_creation_size determines the number of partitions used for hashing
 %%  document keys.  This cannot be changed after cluster initialization.
 %%  Ensure that it is at least 10x the number of hosts you might ever
 %% Different storage backends can use other configuration variables.  For
 %%  instance, riak_dets_backend_root determines the directory under which
 %%  dets files will be placed.
-{riak_dets_backend_root, "/path/to/riak/store"}.
+{riak_dets_backend_root, "/tmp/5to6/store"}.
 %% riak_cookie is the Erlang cookie that the cluster shares.  This must be
 %%  the same across all nodes.
 {riak_cookie, default_riak_cookie}.
 %% riak_heart_command will be used by heart to restart the system in case of
 %%  a lockup or certain types of crashes.  Make sure to fix the paths in
 %%  the command if you wish for automatic restarts to work.
-{riak_heart_command, "(cd /path/to/riak; ./ /path/to/riak/config/riak.erlenv)"}.
+{riak_heart_command, "(cd /Users/bryan/riak; ./ /Users/bryan/riak/config/riak.erlenv)"}.
 %% riak_nodename is the first part of the name that this node will use to
 %%  identify itself.  This must be different for all ndoes with the same
 %%  value of riak_hostname.

File src/riak_util.erl

 %% @doc Create a binary used for determining replica placement.
 chash_key({Bucket,Key}) ->
     BucketProps = riak_bucket:get_bucket(Bucket),
-    {chash_keyfun, {M, F}} = proplists:lookup(chash_keyfun, BucketProps),
+    {M, F} = case proplists:lookup(chash_keyfun, BucketProps) of
+                 {chash_keyfun, MF} -> MF;
+                 none ->
+                     %% 0.5 didn't have chash_keyfun - upgrade
+                     {chash_keyfun, Default} =
+                         proplists:lookup(
+                           chash_keyfun, riak_bucket:defaults()),
+                     riak_bucket:set_bucket(
+                       Bucket, [{chash_keyfun,Default}]),
+                     Default
+             end,
 %% @spec chash_std_keyfun(BKey :: riak_object:bkey()) -> chash:index()