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@docs for jiak_resource:service_available

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File src/jiak_resource.erl

         ModPath when is_list(ModPath) -> Bucket
+%% @spec service_available(webmachine:wrq(), context()) -> 
+%%           {boolean, webmachine:wrq(), context()}
+%% @doc Ensure that a Jiak module for the requested bucket is available. 
+%%      This function first checks for a compiled Erlang module with the 
+%%      same name as the bucket.  If no module is found, the bucket 
+%%      configuration metadata in the ring is used, and must contain
+%%      a valid Jiak schema.  
 service_available(ReqData, Context=#ctx{key=container}) ->
     {ServiceAvailable, NewCtx} = 
         case wrq:method(ReqData) of