How to properly include an external library source in a NuttX build?

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Issue #88 resolved
David Drinnan created an issue

Does the NuttX build framework (ie. the Makefile design) support adding external libraries to chip sources?

Put another way, if I want to add an external library to the source of one of the chips, and build it from nuttx make files, is there a suggested way to include it in the build? I'm thinking a way that fits into the existing Makefile framework provided by NuttX.

Take for example, the Nordic Device Family Pack.

The #include lines in the source of this DFP are designed to have the directory with the header files included as a -I include path at compile time. So it seems the best way to add the build of this source to a chip in the NuttX source is to manually add CTAGS += nordic/Device/Include to the Make.defs in the chip-specific source folder, nrf52. That works, but I can't help but feel it's hacky to change CTAGS at such a low-level in the build framework, in a file called Make.defs no less.

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  1. David Drinnan reporter

    Alternatively, I can symlink all the header files into the base chip directory arch/arm/src/nrf52, but that clutters up that directory with lots more header files from external libraries.

  2. David Drinnan reporter

    Or add CFLAGS += -I$(ARCH_SRCDIR)/chip/include to the base Makefile for the arm architecture, and symlink all the external DFP headers into the nrf52/include directory.

  3. Gregory Nutt

    You can add the definition EXTRA_LIBS in your Make.defs file.

    It expects the library to reside in nuttx/libs but you should be able to add a symbolic link there.

  4. Gregory Nutt

    You can add to the CFLAGS in the Make.defs too. I would prefer not to modify in global, architecture-independent build logic for specific cases.

  5. David Drinnan reporter

    I didn't know about EXTRA_LIBS, that's good to know. Looks promising. I'll have to consider that a bit more.

    Ok, and good to know you don't see this is as a common enough need to put it in the global, architecture-independent build logic. I honestly didn't know, but figured it might be a common need and thus maybe worth putting there.

  6. Gregory Nutt

    There is also EXTRA_LIBPATHS that can be defined in your private Make.defs. With extensions to CFLAGS for include files and EXTRA_LIBS and EXTRA_LIBPATHS, all in your Make.defs, you should be able to link with any library.

    I will be closing this issue now. I am not sure that there was ever really and "issue" here anyway.

  7. Gregory Nutt

    Resolved per discussion. EXTRA_LIBS, EXTRA_LIBPATHS, and CFLAGS may be defined in the private Make.defs file to add libraries and library paths. CFLAGS may be extended to add external include file paths.

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