cpython-2.6-fixed / Tools / freeze / makeconfig.py

import regex

# Write the config.c file

never = ['marshal', '__main__', '__builtin__', 'sys']

def makeconfig(infp, outfp, modules):
	m1 = regex.compile('-- ADDMODULE MARKER 1 --')
	m2 = regex.compile('-- ADDMODULE MARKER 2 --')
	while 1:
		line = infp.readline()
		if not line: break
		if m1 and m1.search(line) >= 0:
			m1 = None
			for mod in modules:
				if mod in never:
				outfp.write('extern void init%s();\n' % mod)
		elif m2 and m2.search(line) >= 0:
			m2 = None
			for mod in modules:
				if mod in never:
				outfp.write('\t{"%s", init%s},\n' %
					    (mod, mod))
	if m1:
		sys.stderr.write('MARKER 1 never found\n')
	elif m2:
		sys.stderr.write('MARKER 2 never found\n')

# Test program.

def test():
	import sys
	if not sys.argv[3:]:
		print 'usage: python makeconfig.py config.c.in outputfile',
		print 'modulename ...'
	if sys.argv[1] == '-':
		infp = sys.stdin
		infp = open(sys.argv[1])
	if sys.argv[2] == '-':
		outfp = sys.stdout
		outfp = open(sys.argv[2], 'w')
	makeconfig(infp, outfp, sys.argv[3:])
	if outfp != sys.stdout:
	if infp != sys.stdin:

if __name__ == '__main__':
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