Audiotag – tagging and podcasting audio

Version: @version NA@, @RELEASEDATE@

This is an application for tagging (instants within) audio files, and liking and sharing those tags.

To build, configure, and start up the service, read file ./src/webserver/administration.txt.

The application is deployed and in daily use, but is still somewhat experimental (or, in other terms, it's a rolling beta). 'Experimental' currently means:

  • The API (to HTTP clients) isn't stable, nor indeed particularly well documented. It won't change radically, but it will drift somewhat as I and others get more experience writing against it.

  • It's currently more tricky to configure and build than I'd like. There's an irreducible minimum for this, of course, but some cleverer defaults and clearer documentation would help.

  • It should be pretty robust, and portable, but there are still rough edges which need attention.

Of course, the way to fix all of these is for other people to use the code, so if you're interested in using the kit, I'd be delighted to help.

The Audiotag application has not yet been formally released, and is available only as a repository checkout. There is (preliminary) licence information in the file LICENCE.audiotag.

Norman Gray