@EXAM-N@: LaTeX class file for exams, version @version NA@, @RELEASEDATE@.



The class is designed to be localised to a particular institution's exam layout, by a suitably skilled LaTeX hacker. There are three possible ways of doing this, in increasing order of sophistication:

  1. Make suitable adjustments to individual exam .tex files; or

  2. Rename the distributed exam-n.dtx file to something more locally suitable, and edit it with suitable changes (search for %%%CONFIGURE for hints on where to adjust); or

  3. Fork the Mercurial repository at bitbucket, change the value of the EXAM-N variable in the Makefile, and then edit the exam-n.dtx file. See the comments at the top of the Makefile.

In case 2, you must change the name of the .dtx file, and in case 3, you must change the EXAM-N variable, to avoid terrible confusion (you probably also want to avoid the names of the other exam style files at CTAN, since they just might have found their way into your TEXINPUTS path).

For general details, talk to Norman Gray norman@astro.gla.ac.uk.

This is free software, and you are encouraged to use and adapt it as you see fit. Norman can give advice. If, however, you need more substantial help with the customisations of option 3 above, or need continuing support, then we can surely arrange something more elaborate.

With the version 1.1 release, the interface should now be regarded as rather stable. However version 1.1 was the first to be released outside Glasgow University, so there may be some changes to the interface which will emerge with broader use, as well as some bug fixes. The interface may, therefore, yet change. If you use this class to produce exams, it would be wise to include a copy of the class file locally, rather than relying on a central version. If you need an earlier version of the class, let me know.


  • Documentation for question authors is in notes-for-authors.pdf.
  • The full version of the documentation, for 'exam conveners' (or equivalent) is in @EXAM-N@.pdf. This and the author documentation are built as part of the distribution.
  • Basic documentation for a LaTeX localiser is in this file (see above), with extra remarks at the top of the Makefile.

There are brief release notes in @EXAM-N@.html.

Copyright 2005--2018, Norman Gray http://nxg.me.uk
Distributed under the terms of The LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL); see the file lppl.txt for details.