Create software stops for telescope travel

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Norman Gray
repo owner created an issue

If the AR1420 driver lets the telescope go to its mechanical end-stop in any direction, it gets confused, because it loses track of where it is.

Add software limits, so that the telescope will drive close to, but not up to, these end-stops. Options:

  • Perhaps advise the caller that the commanded slew would go beyond possible travel, and refuse to do anything

  • Head off in the right direction, but stop short.

Once the driver is able to handle slews into the Forbidden Sector (oooh, scary), it might be able to avoid this problem entirely.

A tracking activity should stop before it hits the end-stop.

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  1. Norman Gray reporter

    This is redundant with issue #6. The point of that issue is to plan slews and tracks so that they don't go into the Forbidden Zone, and in particular that they stay clear of the end-stops; therefore the only reason why we'd need a 'software end-stop' is because that planning didn't work, in which case it's that that should be fixed.

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