Target checking doesn't examine excess depression

Issue #24 closed
Norman Gray
repo owner created an issue

The gh command, heading to a position below the maximum depression, does not check that.

It may behave oddly in this circumstance because it seems to head in the right direction and then not report any movement at all. Perhaps that will come out in the wash.

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  1. Norman Gray reporter

    Various stability fixes.

    The quaternion constructor now accepts latitudes greater than pi/2.

    The Kalman filters now detect when they would be (erroneously) sent negative, and avoid that.

    Configuration factors tweaked to be more robust, and avoid spurious endstop detections.

    I'm now surer that Kalman click/update are called each time the telescope speed is changed; this is very important, otherwise the Kalman filters make a big correction next time they are called, which I think was part of the Kalman problem. I'm not yet positive I've got all of these cases, and I suspect I should make this more robust, perhaps by including a call to Kalman::update within up() and east().

    We now detect and forbid a schedule which goes below the maximum depression of the telescope. Closes issue #24.

    → <<cset e1e01f37c29e>>

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