Sun tracking

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Norman Gray
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Given an accurate current date and time, slew to, and track the current position of, the sun.

The tracking should be down to an adjustment of the sidereal tracking support with a faster speed. There are other corrections in principle, but this should be close enough for the pointing accuracy of this telescope.

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  1. Norman Gray reporter

    I suspect that this can be best managed by a slew commanded, by the controlling software, to the current position of the sun, followed by a ts command to start sidereal tracking with a non-default speed.

    Question: is it best to have this speed in rad/s, or as a multiple of the sidereal tracking speed? I think rad/s is better simply on consistency grounds.

  2. Daniel Williams

    I agree that rad/s is probably the simpler way to do this; the multiple of sidereal speed would almost certainly require the conversion of a rad/s value to this in the Python library.

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