Add Kálmán filter for tracking position

Issue #5 closed
Norman Gray
repo owner created an issue

Separate filters for phi and theta coordinates.

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  1. Norman Gray reporter

    Add Kalman filter class This isn't working properly -- the tests pass, but only because I've set the tolerance high. The errors are implausibly regular, as discussed in the notes at the top of kalman.cpp. The interface is reasonable, though, so it'll do for the moment.

    Addresses issue #5

    → <<cset 95caec327121>>

  2. Norman Gray reporter

    Change Kalman filter implementation to have speeds as fraction of full, and angles as radians. This matches activities.cpp's requirements better (and makes more sense, really -- this is not where this scaling complication should be). The large error is still there, though. Integrated into qp.ino

    Addresses issue #5 (but not resolved until it's been tested with the telescope)

    → <<cset df6e4d0151ca>>

  3. Norman Gray reporter

    This appears to be working. This finally seems to have the right number of clicks-per-degree. The Kalman filters look plausible (so closes issue #5) There are some spurious errors: !Activity::delete: double free n=0 mask=0x0 Currently all fault detection is disabled.

    → <<cset 26388fa30361>>

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