Plan slews so that they avoid the missing sector between 30 and 90degrees

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Norman Gray
repo owner created an issue

Should be fairly straightforward mathematically.

This will also, obviously, detect whether the requested pointing is into the missing sector.

This work might also make it clear if there's an easy framework for thinking about flipping the telescope over and pointing in this region (with a corresponding missing sector in the south)

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  1. Norman Gray reporter

    Add the TrackingSchedule::limit_tracking method, and call it. This implements the functionality of detecting that a slew or track would hit the telescope end-stops, and limiting it therefore.

    That said, this currently works only by having the telescope stop short of the endstop rather than, for example, planning a slew to avoid it, or flipping the telescope over. See issue #6

    → <<cset 7cf7d530fe8b>>

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