When slewing, bring the telescope to a graceful stop

Issue #7 closed
Norman Gray
repo owner created an issue

Slow down the commanded speed to something proportional to angle-left^power.

The telescope motors are, I think, strong enough that this doesn't much matter, but it will at the very least look prettier.

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  1. Norman Gray reporter

    Implement version of graceful-movement logic (+misc) Closes issue #7

    This involved a fairly broad variety of changes to other parts of the code, which I think cleared up a number of fairly long-standing errors.

    I think the calibration step is now almost redundant (see comments in activities.cpp)

    It's clear that the values of the errors given to the Kalman filters are reasonably important; I'm not convinced that the filters are really robust against bad choices here, or semi-pathological calls.

    test_activities needed some rewriting

    → <<cset 82f2385080ed>>

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