Improve choice of state step time

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Norman Gray
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The step time (in state.cpp:TrackingSchedule::step) is currently fixed as the time it takes to move 10mrad. This is a poor choice, because it's not sensitive to the amount of correction required to bring the actual position to the desired one. If nothing else, it would be useful for this to select higher speeds now and again, as these avoid quantisation problems for the actual drive speed.

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  1. Norman Gray reporter

    Fix sidereal tracking.

    Now uses a less heuristic stepping algorithm for the step time, and a more elegant (quaternion) algorithm for the correction. For all its elegance, I'm not positive that I've got the sign of the correction right. Occasionally, the tracking appears to go a bit bananas, and I'd guess it's down to this, so this will probably need to be revisited.

    Addresses issue #8

    → <<cset 508fff953a1e>>

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