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SKUA (Semantic Knowledge Underpinning Astronomy) was a project with co-Is Norman Gray and Tony Linde of the University of Leicester, funded by JISC from Jan'08 to Jun'09.

This is an archive of the code; the project is no longer being developed.

From the proposal:

We propose the creation of a semantic infrastructure for astronomy based on the organisation of assertion services with relatively simple interfaces. To date, relatively little work has been done within the Virtual Observatory (VO) on semantic systems development. Our project will provide a service-based semantic infrastructure, with toolkit and SOA API, which will make it easy for many more VO developers to engage with semantic technology, and embed it in their applications. The key benefit of this proposal is that it engages with an existing vibrant development and user community, and builds upon working infrastructure, making it possible to demonstrate and prove both concepts and tools as we develop them. The proposed infrastructure will support tagging by design, allowing us, and our users, to experiment with emergent Web-2.0 approaches to social collaboration. This is an integration project, helping client authors find resources and services, tying together existing technology in a new, semantically enhanced and sustainable, context.

For the Vision, see wiki/Hallucination.wiki

The project was successful, and the code stayed on Google Code until Google announced they were closing that service in March 2015, whereupon it was migrated to Bitbucket. The code here is the code at (Subversion) revision 511 (as tagged release-0.4.1), minus the trees code/spacebook/vendor, code/spacebook/myexperiment/vendor and code/spacebook/myexperiment/public, which were various copies of the MyExperiment codebase, which we based some work on. I've also added the content of the project wiki, in wiki/ (this was kept elsewhere in the Subversion repository).

The main project downloads were (listed here as google-bait, in case anyone's still looking for these after all these years):

File Description Date
qsac-standalone-0.4.1.jar QSAC release 0.4.1 standalone jetty server Oct 2010
qsac-0.4.1.war QSAC 0.4.1 WAR file Oct 2010
qsac-0.4.war QSAC release 0.4 .war file May 2009
qsac-standalone-0.4.jar QSAC release 0.4 jetty server May 2009
qsac-standalone-0.3.jar QSAC release 0.3 standalone server Jan 2009
qsac-0.3.war QSAC release 0.3 war file Jan 2009

These can in principle be rebuilt using the code here (though I haven't tried for a while).

If you're interested in this project, do get in touch.

Norman Gray

Old build instructions

...are below...

The SKUA project code repository

Important targets in the top-level makefile are:

website: assembles the myskua.org website, using the files in web/www.myskua.org, and documentation files from elsewhere in the tree. The 'sync-website' target handily does the sync to the myskua.org machine (use 'make USER=foo sync-website' to substitute your mynydd.star.le.ac.uk username).

dist: assembles the distribution objects from elsewhere in the tree. It doesn't do anything with them once they're collected -- that's to come later.

Making releases

  1. Change the version and date in the top-level configure.ac, rerun autoconf, and commit.

  2. Copy the trunk to a tagged tree, where the tag name matches the new version number:

    % svn copy https://skua.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ \ https://skua.googlecode.com/svn/tags/iteration-20080806 \ -m "Tag iteration 3 release, 2008 August 6"

  3. Check out that tag:

    % svn export https://skua.googlecode.com/svn/tags/iteration-20080806

  4. Then build the distribution:

    % cd iteration-200080806 % # configure... specifically, set up code/qsac/build.properties % # and code/client/java/src/java/org/myskua/sac/client/build.properties % # with references to local copies of required software % ./configure % make USER=nxg sync-website % make dist

  5. Then upload the distribution files in build/dist to the skua download page at http://code.google.com/p/skua/downloads/list