Communication error when using several viariables

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For my simulation, I use several schedulers from Matlab to Energy+. Till now, is was using exaclty 44 schedules, and it works fine. Today I had to add more schedule, and when I launch the simulation, I got an -20 error.

Error happen when I call the function ep.write(mlepEncodeRealData(ver, 0, (kStep-1)*TIMESTEP, SP));. It looks like when the variable packet generated by the function mlepEncodeRealData have a lenght greater than 1024 characters, communication become impossible, and the simulation crashes.

A solution I found is to replace the line 36 by sprintf('%20.10e ', realvalues)]; (instead of sprintf('%20.15e ', realvalues)];, in order to reduce string lenght.

Is there an efficient solution to avoid this problem ?



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  1. Truong Nghiem repo owner

    Sorry for the late reply. MLE+ has retired and won't be actively maintained. I will only fix issues if they affect my personal use of MLE+, which rarely happens anymore.

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